Pobl hŷn

Pa gamau rydyn ni'n eu cymryd i wella?

The Welsh Government commissioned a Parliamentary Review of the Long-Term Future of Health and Social Care: ‘A Healthier Wales’ is the Welsh Government’s response to that Review. The report adopts a ‘Quadruple Aim’. They are to continually work towards:

  1. Improved population health and well-being;
  2. Better quality and more accessible health and social care services;
  3. Higher value health and social care; and
  4. A motivated and sustainable health and social care workforce.

In response, we have developed our approach in partnership to delivering ‘A Healthier Carmarthenshire’, and in doing this we have looked at how we will improve outcomes for older people in the County. In doing this, the Council will also take account of the Older People’s Commissioner’s priorities, Welsh Government Strategy for an ageing society: age friendly Wales, and the World Health Organisation’s age friendly priorities for action.

Our focus for 2021-22 will be on:

  • Age friendly communities

The success for this objective will be measured by:

  • The rate of people kept in hospital while waiting for social care
  • People agree there's a good Social Care Service available in the area
  • Number of calendar days taken to deliver a Disabled Facilities Grant
  • People who are lonely